Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Faith of a Child

Pace (our 2 1/2 year old) has been in swim lessons and has really been struggling. And although he does everything coach Steve asks him to, he screams the whole time and begs me not to take him to swim lessons. It has been really hard on me, and I'm almost in tears most days by the time swim lessons are over and I've debated even giving up. Anyway, for Family Home Evening we taught Pace the story of Nephi and how Heavenly Father commanded him to build a boat. We explained that Nephi didn't know how to build a boat and that he must have been really scared and nervous. And we told him how Nephi prayed to Heavenly Father for help, and then he was able to build a boat and not be scared. We taught him that if he needed help with anything (like learning to swim) Heavenly Father would help him just like he helped Nephi. So....on Tuesday Pace was crying before we even left the house for swim lessons. While we were driving, I asked Pace if we should pray and ask Heavenly Father to help him. He said yes, and asked if we could pray that he could build a boat. After our prayer, Pace immediately stopped crying. He went through the whole lesson without a tear. He said Heavenly Father was helping him and he couldn't wait to call daddy and tell him! And today we said a prayer on our way again, and he couldn't wait to go. He was so sad when we got there :and discovered that lessons were cancelled because a kid puked in the pool.
Oh, the faith of a young child! And I am so proud that he's my child!