Monday, July 12, 2010


For the past 3 years, my in-laws have been serving as the Mission Presidents for our church in Puerto Rico. It has been so fun having them in such a great place to vacation, but it's so great to have them home now too!

Waiting at the airport.....
First few moments off the airplane. (I didn't have my camera at the airport, so I'm lacking in pictures, and the one's I do have are a little lousy!)

As a family, we decided that we wanted to steal Stan and Susan away, before they got too busy, and just do a family get away with them. We decided on spending a few days at the Whiting Homestead (near Springerville, AZ).

On our trip up there, this is what happened! Super scary! Ray, Stephanie, Stan, Susan, Johnnie, and Brigham walked away from this accident, unharmed! Truly a blessing!
After a very long day of traveling, a flat tire, and a car accident, we all made it to the homestead safely!
These are some of the fun things we did while we were there.....

Fruit by the Foot eating contests!
Jumping rope!
Crawdad fishing at Donut Lake!
All it takes is a hot dog, and they come by the dozens!
Hiking 'slippery hill'! (Pace named it, and it stuck)
Quad riding!
Eating! We seriously ate sooo good while we were there!

I feel like I left Cade out of all these pictures, so here's a few of him......

Cade loved swinging!
And, I caught him stealing someone else's fishing poles! (I had to get a picture, before I returned them to their proper owners)
He's such a momma's boy, so we snuggled a lot!
And one last one of him and Aunt Emily!
We made some great memories!