Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Tender Heart

Pace started Preschool this week, and the first day went without a hitch. He loved it! Today, (his second day) not as smoothe. When I picked him up, he ran to the car with a smile, but as soon as he climbed up into the car his expression changed. As I was buckling him in his seat, I asked him if he was ok, and then I could tell he was trying to hold back the tears. I told him it was okay if he needed to cry, and then the tears started to come. I was holding up the car line, so I gave him a hug and and a kiss and jumped in my seat so we could drive away. On the drive home, he said that he had a hard day! Through his tears he explained that when they had play time, he lost his shoe under the trampoline (Miss Allison has an underground trampoline, and since it's so hot still, she has the kids jump with their shoes on). He burned his foot and had to go without a shoe the rest of school. Miss Allison's husband recovered his shoe in time to go home, but the embarrassment he felt in front of the friends that he's only known for a day, was almost too much for my sweet boy to bear.

My sweet Pace, I love you so much, and I love that you have such a tender & sweet spirit!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Hidden Talent

So, my sweet Eric has this hidden talent...... He's a master balloon twister (or whatever they call those people)! I never really believed that he could do it, because I've never actually seen him do it, until now! Whoa, buddy! He's got all sorts of talents, this boy! (Grin)

The man, in action!
Noah, Pace, Kyra, and Cade..... in heaven!
Janae got one too!
And a flower, for me?! Oh babe, you shouldn't have!
Noah getting lessons!
Pace, showing off his monkey!
They provided hours of playing time!
Swords & Parrots!
Let's just say.... Eric is going to be a busy boy at all my kids' birthday parties in the future!