Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Fest

Last night we took our sweet boys to a pumpkin festival at Schnepf Farm. What a party!

Face Painting.

Family photo.

Pace LOVED riding the ponies!

Eric took Pace on all the rides. (I didn't get a picture of them on the roller coaster.)

Did I mention that I got my face painted too! We only had one face-painting wuss in the family!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Puerto Rico

Eric's parents are currently serving as Mission Presidents in Puerto Rico. We had the privilege of spending the first week of October there. The following pictures are only a glimpse of the fun and adventures we had while we were there!

Pace, Maddie, and Peyton spent a lot of time with their critter catchers; catching snails and Coqui frogs day and night!

Cade would sit on Grandma's back porch and observe the critter catching.

Pace's Coqui frog got away!

Another critter that grandma caught!

We loved going to the beach!

A family shot, minus Cade, he was.....


That red bump on Pace's head is from falling off the bunk bed earlier in the day.

Nudity at this age is okay, right?

Our group on the beautiful beach of Culebra!

Cade spent a lot of time sleeping and.....

...eating sand!

A classic picture of Maddie doing a hand stand on the beach.

I think I was drowning, while my husband just stood watching!

I love this man!

Somehow, Eric and Brad convinced the kids to give them mud massages!

We also got to go to the coolest castle!

Outside the castle, we were able to fly kites!